Vintage Frames

One of our specialities here at Temple Bar Opticians, is our wide selection of vintage frames. Choose from a range of prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. Vintage styles that never go out of fashion are a very popular choice with our customers. Their timeless appeal makes a fashion statement and can add a unique touch to a look. Our retro glasses are popular with both old and young and we love helping our clients find a look that suits them.

To find out why we’re Dublin’s vintage frame specialists call into our store or get in contact with Temple Bar Opticians today.

Frames from the 50’s, 60’s and other decades all have distinct characteristics and all give a totally different look. You will typically see thicker frames, possibly cat eye styles as well as a whole other range of features. We do suggest that you try on your frames and be open to ideas. Often our customers find that once they have tried them on, they end up going for something completely different. What suits your face shape will not suit the next person. It is worth putting some time and consideration into choosing your frames, as you will have them for (hopefully) a long time.

We also supply our vintage frames to the stage and screen and have styles from different eras available. If you are interested in using our frames for your next production, simply call us today 016775982.

Our vintage range changes, so we invite you to call in and see what we have.

For more information on all our vintage frames call in store or get in contact with Temple Bar Opticians today.