Eye Exams

An eye examination can check a lot more than just your sight. Many exams can also give an indication of high blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes. We carry out a full and complete check to ensure that everything is completely normal and healthy. If we find anything unusual we can refer you over to a specialist who can help you to resolve the issue. We welcome any questions our patients many have on their own eye health or care. To help to keep your sight in the best condition possible, we do suggest that you get a regular eye examination. With a whole range of solutions, like glasses, daily lenses and more, we are sure to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Glasses or Lenses?

This is a very personal choice and we are always happy to walk our customers through the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Glasses used to be thought of as frumpy and for older people. There has been a huge increase in the popularity of glasses in recent years and they are now considered fashionable, with people with perfect vision often wanting frames! We believe in supplying you with as much choice as possible to frames. We carry budget frames, designer frames and a large selection of sunglasses. Glasses require less maintenance than lenses and last longer as they do not need to replaced as often.


Contact lenses can be trickier to use, however, they allow for ease while playing sport, swimming and much more. They also suit those who simply do not like the idea of wearing glasses. You can also “see” more than you could with glasses as they move with your eyeball, so there is no more pushing your frames back up your nose to see out over the top of them. Hygiene and cleaning technique is critical when it comes to contact lenses, as it can be so easy to pick up an infection.


It happens; we all do it from time to time. You might accidentally sit on them or the kids step on them by mistake. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help. From replacing glass to fixing wonky frames, we cover it all. Many of our services can be carried out on the same day. We will let you know when you call in. There is also the option to post your glasses to us and we will send them back out.

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