Welcome to Temple Bar Opticians (Grants)

Temple Bar Opticians (Grants) is located right in the heart of Dublin. You will find us right across from the Ha’penny Bridge on Wellington Quay. As well as providing all the services you would expect from your optician, we specialise in prescription and non prescription designer sunglasses. We have built up a reputation as one of the leading providers in the area, delivering professionally but with a friendly touch. We have been here for over 40 years and continue to provide the best service possible to Dublin and beyond.

Our expert team are on hand to carry out your eye examination, including eye tests for the driving license application. A regular eye exam is very important, as it can reveal a range of other issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes. We take eye care very seriously and are very thorough in our examinations.

All our glasses are fully checked and we ensure that they fit you just right before you leave our store. Any adjustments that need to made to help you see better or make your glasses more comfortable are carried out. Our frames come in a range of different styles, from budget styles, right up to designers like Gucci and Ray-Ban.

If you require the very best in prescription or non-prescription sunglasses please call into our store or get in touch today.

At Temple Bar Opticians, we fully comply with all regulations as set out by The Association of Optometrists Ireland. All our prescription glasses are fitted under the supervision of a qualified optician. To read more about the association, click here http://www.optometrists.ie/


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Our glasses are famous!

As we have been around for such a long time, we have been asked to supply different types of glasses and sunglasses to many movies, tv shows and productions like theatre and panto shows. These vary from sunglasses to vintage and designer frames. We have kept some of the frames that were used and we have them on display at our shop. Our customers love calling and seeing them and taking pictures!

We supply glasses and sunglasses to movies, shows and plays on an ongoing basis. If you are interested, please call us today. Here are some of our popular famous frames, call into our store to see more!

Kevin Spacey in “Ordinary Decent Criminal”

Here are the glasses worn by Kevin Spacey in the movie Ordinary Decent Criminal, which was released in 2000. You can read up about the movie here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0160611/

Kate Blanchett in “Veronica Guerin”

The film Veronica Guerin was a gritty film based on real life portraying the life and work of the Irish journalist. The movie had Kate Blanchett as the leading lady and we were happy to supply the glasses for this film. You can read about the film here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0312549/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Brendan O Carroll in “The Mammy”

The next pair of glasses was worn by Brendan O Carroll in “The Mammy”. These are a particular favourite with our customers due to the Dublin connection and ever popularity of the show. The glasses were worn during Brendan’s portrayal of the much loved character Mrs Brown. You can read about the show here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1847251/?ref_=fn_al_tt...

For more information on our famous sunglasses, call into our store or get in contact with Temple Bar Opticians today.